Digital money, cryptocurrency, blockchain, STEEM? Here are the first steps to enter the world of Steem and the answer to all your questions about these concepts.

1 What is Crypto?

By definition, cryptocurrency is a digital currency…

2 What is Blockchain?

Let’s talk about the underlying technology that makes it all possible…

3 What is Steem?

The cryptocurrency token that powers the Steem blockchain…

4 What are Steem Dapps?

What is Steemit and how can you get involved?

5 Where does the money come from?

How does it all work?

6 Account Security – Passwords and Keys

7You will be given a randomly generated 32 digit “Master Password”

7 Your Voice is Worth Something

Steem is home to a diverse range of people with a diverse range of interests.

8 Curating other’s content:
Dos and Don’ts

Curation is the art of searching for appropriate content to reward with up votes.

9 Engaging with people through comments

Commenting on other people’s content is something every new steemian should be doing from the outset.

10 Finding your community and getting involved

The key to success on Steem is engagement…