7 Your Voice is Worth Something

Steem is home to a diverse range of people with a diverse range of interests which they choose to express in a multitude of different ways. Whatever your interests, and whatever your style of engagement, there’s probably a way for you to earn money on steem simply by producing quality content and uploading it to one of the platforms on the Steem blockchain.

To give you just a tiny flavour of the many and varied ways people are making the Steem blockchain work for them……there are people who use Steem to supplement their world travels, earning Steem from blogging and vlogging about their experiences: including their reactions to the sites they visit, hotel and restaurant reviews and even posts about the challenges of being a ‘digital nomad’.

At the other end of the scale from world travellers, there is also a very active ‘homesteaders’ community on Steem, and there are several people earning Steem by creating content about living an ecologically sound lifestyle, and documenting the evolution of their homesteads.

In terms of creative content, Steem is home to hundreds of musicians, photographers, videographers, and artists, all earning a second income from their original work in a variety styles uploaded to the steem blockchain.

There are also are several ‘daily diary’ and ‘lifestyle’ bloggers and vloggers earning from simply documenting their daily lives, or posting reviews about the restaurants they’ve been to or the products they’ve bought.

Beyond all of this there is the capacity to earn on steem simply by having fun: some users make money out of running competitions: everything from football sweepstakes to open mic competitions. Most steemians in fact produce and upload their content with an audience in mind, as part of one of the many communities on Steem, but that’s something we’ll cover in our final video in this series.

With social media as usual, it is only the ‘big fish’ who have a following of several thousand people who are able to earn money from uploading their content. Ordinary, every day users, and even small artists with a fan base of several hundred earn nothing through uploading their free content to these platforms.

Steem, on the other hand has already empowered thousands of smaller scale individual users to earn money by doing what they love.

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