9 Engaging with people through comments

Many steemians value the warm, touchy-feely human input they get from meaningful comments on their posts more than simply getting upvotes, and commenting on other people’s content is something every new steemian should be doing from the outset.

Assuming comments demonstrate that you’ve actually read/ watched/ listened to someone’s content, and assuming they are well-thought out and not offensive, then they will typically be appreciated by the content creator.

Not everyone has the capacity to invest sufficient funds to provide huge value upvotes, but everyone has the capacity to provide numerous meaningful comments per day, and there are several advantages to doing this:

Assuming comments are insightful, constructive, respectful, praising, or positive in some other way, they will make people feel good!

It’s a good way of getting yourself, and thus your own content noticed by other users. If you establish a track record of making sensible comments, at least some of the people whose work you are commenting on will eventually find their way to your work and possibly reward you for it. However, please be aware that dropping in links to your own work is generally frowned upon on Steem.

Users also have the capacity to upvote your comments, and the bigger the upvote, the higher up the comment thread your comment will appear, so as a general rule, the better the quality of the comments you make, the higher your reward both in terms of Steem and visibility.

Ultimately, commenting on other people’s work is a great way to get started on Ssteem, a great way to encouraging other creators and a great way to grow whichever communities you are part of, it’s a win-win-win activity.

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