10 Finding your community
and getting involved

The key to success on Steem is engagement: which means actively seeking out others who share similar interests to you, and getting to know them and their work.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into travel, food, philosophy or data-science, or whether you want express your interests through writing, vlogging, art or code: the chances are there’s a community ON Steem through which you can realise mutual support for your creative output.

Like the interests and people they represent, communities take many different forms: they range from having several hundred contributors to just a few dozen, from the very general to the very specific, and some are based entirely online, while others encourage online-offline engagement.

Here are just a few examples:

@Dtube family is a groups of enthusiastic vloggers and videographers who not only upload content but make an effort to watch, comment on and upvote each others content on a daily basis. A good way to start is to watch and comment on at least three other people’s content per day, and try make sure these aren’t always the same people.

There are many music projects which bring people together on the Steem blockchain, but @openmic is one of the best: it’s a weekly competition through which you can win prizes, and all you have to do to enter is to upload a video your musical creation. The community also provides support in a host of other ways – with advice on the echnicalities of recording and copyright, as well as having fun of course!

@Cleanplanet is a good example of an online-offline, global meets local community – you simply produce a blog or upload a video of yourself picking up litter in your local area and the community rewards you for it by upvoting you.

If coding or data analysis are more your thing, you might like to check out @utopian-io – which rewards contributions to open source projects.

There are many other, topic-specific groups you could get involved with, including running, needlework, photography, travel, food reviewing, and much more besides, it’s just a matter of getting involved!

You can find out more about the incredibly diverse array of communities on Steem by visiting the communities section of the steemonboarding page.